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Cell and Molecular Biology

Master´s degree program

Master module “Molecular Human Genetics”

The master module “Molecular Human Genetics” is aimed at introducing the students to the most current molecular methods used in research and diagnosis of human genetic diseases. Based on the broad range of subjects and the technical equipment at the institute the whole spectrum of Human Genetics can be covered, including a variety of high-throughput approaches.

In the first part, the module deals with the molecular analysis of genetic and genomic diseases via fluorescence-in situ-hybridization, MLPA, microarray analysis, DNA sequencing, linkage and association studies. In the second part, the focus is on the functional genomics of human genetic diseases and includes in silico genome analysis, functional mutagenesis, expression analysis, and cell culture work. This is an all-day course over a period of 4 weeks. In the first 3 weeks lectures and practical laboratory work alternate. Week 4 allows for exam preparation, includes a revision course and ends with a written exam.

In the winter semester 2018/19 the module takes place from March 4 to March 29 at the Institute of Human Genetics. The assignment of places is done by the Department of Biology.

In-depth Module and Master’s thesis

For students interested in a Master´s thesis we offer a prior 8 week laboratory course in one of our research groups (in-depth module), supplemented with additional seminars or lectures (20 ECTS points total), which flows into the master´s thesis.