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Molecular Medicine (M.Sc.)

English-language Master´s degree program

Compulsory teaching

The master’s course of human genetics aims to deepen the understanding of molecular genetics and genomics. In the 1st semester an elective seminar module (Seminar Module 1, A1.1) [MGG-MM] entitled “Molecular Genetics and Genomics” is offered. The module comprises lectures, a seminar talk by each participant on current research and a term paper. In the 2nd semester we offer the compulsory lecture “Genetics and Systems Medicine” [ALMM] as part of the Module “Advanced lectures in Molecular Medicine 2” credited with 10 ECTS points. The lecture takes place from April to the beginning of June.


Time and place: Tuesday 10.00 – 11.45 a.m. in the institute´s library (1st floor)
Credit points: 2 semester hours per week (SWS) (5 ECTS)
Lecturers/supervisors: Reis, Kraus, Vera-González, Winterpacht, Zweier 


Time and place: Wednesday 3.00 – 4.45 p.m. and Friday 8.15 – 9.45 a.m. (from April to the beginning of June), lecture hall at the Institute of Human Genetics (1st floor)
Credit points: 2 semester hours per week (SWS)
Lecturer: Reis, Engel, Vera-González, Uebe, Winner, Winterpacht


Other teaching

Mobility Module

Students can spend their mobility block in Erlangen have the opportunity to complete this “Research Training” module by participating in a research project in one of our research groups at the Institute for either 2 or 3 months during the 2nd or 3rd semesters.

Master’s thesis

For students planning to do their master’s thesis at our Institute, in the 3rd semester we offer the module “Project development” (10 ECTS), which directly develops into the master’s thesis. Please contact the office of the Institute of Human Genetics (e-mail; mailto: Sekretariat.HU(at) or one of the lecturers (see to coordinate topics and dates.